Jeffrey Hoelzel

Jeffrey Hoelzel, MBA

Member Name: Jeffrey Hoelzel
Position: Chief Operating Officer
Company: Global Organics Group
Phone: 623-932-1522

I am the Chief Operating Officer of Global Organics. I joined the organization in March 2011 and assumed the role in August 2013. I lead an Executive Leadership Team focused on Global Organics’ mission to provide the nutrition and bio-remediation industries with sustainable solutions that benefit people, animals, plants, and soil. We empower our customers to create and deliver value as the demand for safer and more nutritious food products continues to increase.

I have been an executive for more than 17 years and have held various positions in manufacturing, production, and financial management. I have helped drive and execute many of the Global Organics’ transformative change initiatives by adjusting and shaping infrastructure, developing new economic strategies, building foreign and domestic business platforms, and solidifying capital structure.

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