Michael Patterson

michael patterson

Member Name: Michael Patterson
Position: Shareholder
Company: Spencer Fane
Website: Spencerfane.com
Email: mpatterson@spencerfane.com
Phone: 602-333-5486
Cell: 602-471-5170

Phoenix Attorney Lawyer: Corporate, securities, business, renewables attorney with substantial international experience. Renewables – solar, wind, algae, microalgae, biomass. High premium on providing prompt, quality legal services in Spanish or English. Formation and representation of entities throughout their lifecycle, including LLCs (limited liability companies), corporations, partnerships, trusts. Manage my firm’s provision of broad based legal services to companies, including securities, financing, contracts, employment issues, intellectual property, patents, disputes, collection of accounts, commercial litigation (prosecution and defense of lawsuits), compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Substantial international experience serving Latin America (Mexico, Central America, South America, including Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile), Asia (including China and Korea), Europe (including Sweden, Denmark, Germany), and the U.K.

Specialties:Phoenix Attorney Lawyer: Securities, corporate, international, cross-border with Mexico and Latin America, formation and representation of limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, partnerships, capital and investment transactions, public and private offerings, mergers and aquisitions, franchising, business transactions and disputes, contracts. Renewables – solar, wind, algae, microalgae, biomass.