Mike Allen

Mike Allen

Member Name: Mike Allen 
Position: Principal
Company: REDW
Website: http://redw.com
Email: mallen@redw.com
Phone: 602-499-0901

During my experience as an owner in 3 businesses over the last 25 years, I have performed the duties associated with CEO, COO, CFO as well as other department level responsibilities. This has provided me a broad base of skills including:

• fiscal management
• managerial leadership
• organizational development
• ownership coordination and communication

My experience and leadership skills provide me a unique opportunity to represent an ownership group in their efforts to strategically grow their business by having me assume the responsibilities for day-to-day operations and participate in strategy development and implementation.

I am task oriented and have the capacity to take on an assignment and out-perform expectations with little or no direction. I approach each assignment from an entrepreneurial point of view and can lead and work with a team to aggressively complete a given assignment.

I have extensive professional experience and am technically trained as a CPA.