Mitch Bolnick

Mitchell Bolnick

Member Name: Mitch Bolnick
Position: Managing Partner
Company: The Excel Consulting Group
Phone: 602-686-0641

Mitch is a proven leader, business manager, family man and dog lover.

Mitch graduated from the University of Iowa with a BSA in Business Administration and Management Information Systems and moved with his new wife, Chris, to Chicago. In Chicago he managed a restaurant for Holiday Inn in downtown Chicago. A short time later he obtained his Masters of Business Administration degree in Finance/Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois – Chicago.

Upon graduation from the MBA program, Mitch was hired by GTE Network Systems as a financial analyst supporting their Information Technology department. He worked for several successor companies over a period just short of 20 years, the final of which was Lucent Technologies who had acquired the GTE business Mitch supported at the time. Additional titles included Sr. Financial Analyst, Staff Financial Analyst, Manager Billing, Business Operations Manager, and Director of Business Operations. In addition to directly supporting the IT department within these companies he supported the Finance department and spent the majority of his carrier supporting the Service Business Unit General Manager in various capacities.

In 2004 Mitch was laid off by Lucent Technologies after several assignments. At that time he embarked on an analysis of business opportunities that eventually lead to the purchase of BCD Low Voltage Systems. Mitch ran BCD until 2013 when, along with his remaining partner, it was decided to sell the business. After several months of transition Mitch decided to leave the combined company on 8/1/13.

Since 8/13 Mitch has been supporting small business development and obtained his commercial real estate license. Mitch started The Excel Consulting Group in 2014.