Business Catalyst Program

An in-depth program designed to help companies identify and overcome the obstacles to growth


When you enroll in the Business Catalyst Program, the Arizona Business Council assembles a panel of experienced volunteer advisors with expertise in those specific areas most needed by your business.


The panel’s job is to question, learn, evaluate and suggest. :

This phase takes several weeks and results in a roadmap to success.  The panel leader remains in touch with management for a full year to monitor progress and offer help and guidance when requested.:


Our Five-Step Program
  1. The Panel – Your panel is selected from ABC members with the specific skills and experience to best fit your industry, stage of growth and challenges.  We have volunteer members with expertise in:
    • Accounting and Financial
    • Capital Acquisition
    • Legal
    • Management, Operations, and Staffing
    • Marketing
  2. The Focus – The focus is always on your needs, goals and challenges.
  3. The Process – The panels digs deep into over 150 elements of your business to ascertain strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.  The idea is to leverage strengths, overcome weaknesses and capitalize on opportunities.  Of course, everything that takes place is held in strict confidence.
  4. The Roadmap – A plan for going forward is produced and agreed upon.
    • Identify short and long-term goals.
    • General and specific recommendations and action items to achieve those goals.
  5. The Follow-Up – We maintain an ongoing relationship for one year to monitor progress, infuse accountability and allow for adjustments to the roadmap.


Business Graph with arrow showing profits and gains


Review our Qualification Process

Please complete and submit our application for the Arizona Business Council Business Catalyst Program through our contact page or by emailing