Alan Tarr

alan tarr

Alan Tarr
Company: MoneyWords Marketing
Role: Master Copywriter and Brand Strategist
Phone: 480-854-7374



Being totally right-brained, I flourish on the creative side of life. Madison Avenue copywriter, Brand Strategist, successful business owner, singer/songwriter, entertainer, teacher, actor, radio voice-overs and now, founder and president of MoneyWords Marketing (originally Marketing Associates) since 2001.

Here’s what I do… I help you articulate the uniqueness of your business or product in a way that creates desire in your prospects and moves the sales curve up. If you want ideas and copy that stirs the soul and influences buyers…I can make it happen.

I speak and write extensively on marketing and advertising topics. I authored The Seven Deadly Sins Of Marketing and an E-book, Marketing Is…. Another book is currently in the works. I earned an MA, BBA and CFE (Certified Franchise Executive).

Over the years I’ve devised brand strategies and/or written copy for numerous local, national and international companies including Datsun, Taco Joe’s, Phoenix Suns, NARPRO,, Commercial Credit Reports/Experian, HeliServices/Enstrom Helicopters, cruise lines, restaurants, office supplies and professional practices.