Bobby Machado

signa marketing ceo
Member Name: Bobby Machado
Company: Signa Marketing
Title: CEO & Founder of Signa Marketing
(602) 456-2906


Bobby Machado is the CEO and founder of Signa Marketing, a digital agency with a focus on paid media, search engine optimization, and website development. He began designing and developing websites during his junior year of high school for personal projects around the action sports community, as well as for small business owners who were seeking a web designer. At the time, Bobby was racing motocross, as his life goal was to race motocross professionally. Offering website development as a service allowed him to work remotely while sticking to his racing and practice schedule.


He continued his freelance website design and development services while also learning additional creative skills such as video production, photography, design, audio recording, and much more. Having a musical background of playing the guitar, piano, drums, and saxophone, he has always carried a passion for “creating”, and finding ways to use his skills in the business world.


After 5 years of freelance website development and working for small website firms, he left website development for online marketing. He began his paid media experience in building and managing Google Ads campaigns (known as Google AdWords), which for a period of almost 2 years, he worked for a digital marketing agency focused in the automotive industry, and was responsible for managing just under $400,000 per month in paid media ad spend for major car dealerships across the US.


Just before the 2 year mark, Bobby left the automotive agency to start his own digital agency, Signa Marketing, which offers a collection of marketing and creative services. Currently, Bobby and his team have launched Signa Audio, a content creation service in which their team helps entrepreneurs and businesses, create, launch, and promote their podcasts as part of their content marketing strategy.